How To Submit Music For Airplay:


  • Submit your music to . Please read all instructions before sending to avoid any delays.. One submission for your music is all, don’t send us the same mail every day, we receive a lot of submissions/day. Send all your current songs that is needed since we will consider you for the Aquanet Radio Network Station. If wishing more support then one station and up to 14 network stations, with option to be on 17 stations, then you will need to consider purchasing a membership. No payment is required prior to submitting if interested in a membership, but after your submission process you will notified of how many songs have been accepted for airplay support on Aquanet Radio Network station, and if your want to have a membership at that time for more airplay support you may purchase one.
  • Make sure all tracks are in mp3 format.
  • Make sure all tracks are properly tagged with artist name and song title. Bands who submit tracks that are not properly tagged and in Mp3 format will be rejected and a email will be sent for you to correct and resubmit. If you dont know your names of songs how would we?
  • When submitting your music send in all your most current tracks or your latest album release. Submit as much music as you can since you will be put on the Aquanet Radio Network station with a big library of songs. It is in your best interested to submit the maximum amount of songs to have your equal share of the support. A few songs will get lost and take a long time before seeing airplay support, and we strongly suggest purchasing a low price membership to help us cover expenses, show your support for Aquanet Radio Network, and increase your support dramatically.
  • Please submit links to your Twitter and Facebook pages. We will follow and support you on those accounts as well. It is necessary to submit your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you have them, so you may get our notifications on Twitter and additonal support on Facebook for events, shows ect.
  • Once accepted with airplay support from our network on 365 Radio Network station or on more stations if a membership is purchased its important that you keep contact and your music with our network updated with new music as you release it for maximum support.

Thank you for considering us for your airplay support. We are one of the largest and most respected, supportive, and interactive networks supporting only independent music around today, with industry professionals and bands/artists from all covers of the globe. The networks strong social media presence and listener base ensure you will be noticed and heard on a network known for success, creative ideas, and taking indie music and its support to the highest levels. The Aquanet Radio Network has had millions of visitors to its site since 2010, sends out over 1 million Twitter notifications yearly to all bands with our airplay support. We are looking for the best and very active bands who possess the skills and desire to succeed with a network of our size and level of support. We look forward to your submission and possibly supporting you.

We accept now physical cd’s, pictures, all promo articles you would like us to give away to our listeners during shows or contests. If they are signed it’s a plus.

Send to..
Aquanet Radio
188 Lincoln Highway Suite 205
Fairless Hills, Pa. 19030