Once upon a time there was such a thing as Music Television.  But, the powers that be grew greedy and lazy and sold out to the Reality TV phenomenon.  Suddenly music television didn’t even feature musicians or focus on the music industry any more.  As the years went by the video stars slowly died out and Music TV became a thing of myth and legend.  Out of desperation and frustration, Rock Titan Entertainment was created to resurrect a once great concept that inspired the song “Video killed the Radio Star”.  Once again, Official Music Videos from artists around the world can be seen on a dedicated Music TV Channel.  VJ’s interview musicians giving their fans an intimate look into the life of a Rock Star.  Original Reality TV Series are created with a MUSIC based foundation.  Rock Titan Entertainment now provides 24×7 Music TV to a whole new generation!


Unclaimed bands is a chance for original bands to get heard. It’s that simple. We conduct an interview with the band and we play a song of their’s, that they choose. no Radio producer, pushing a manufactured hit. The artists telling us in their own words about their song. Along the way we hope to bring their music to a greater audience and give you the fans a chance to hear “what they sound like..”

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