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We are here to provide entertaining discussions about any and all topics from popular geek culture. You can hear us live on Sunday nights from 6 to 9:30pm eastern time on Aquanet Radio. On the go on Sunday night and want to use an app on your smart phone to listen to us? Then you can find us through Tune In, iTunes Radio and IHeart Radio just search or Aquanet Radio on those apps.

Want more of Geeksters! of course you do check out our Geeksters! Web Site. The links below will also help find out more about us!

Geeksters Podcasts

Can not make on Sunday night for the live show! Do not worry we provide the 3 parts of the show in podcast form. We do add bonus material from the live show. Checkout our latest episodes as well as past episodes.

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If you want to know other places to find our show, these are the spots to find our podcast.

Geeksters Forum

Be a part of the conversation; tell us and others what you think. Ask questions; create a topic that will start a debate.

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