The Story of the Shakeman Show

Shakeman: was born in Philadelphia – he is gifted behind a microphone being a frontman of a rock band.  He is also a radio DJ – he dreamed of singing professionally or a celebrity DJ.  He became very interested in talk radio…he grew up idolizing Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony and many more radio talents.  When he was young he recorded radio shows for friends and a disappointing situation which included the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and laid his dreams aside for the moment!
He was approached at a performance by the co-owner of an internet radio station “Boost Radio” Juli Burke.  She loved his voice and personality, she offered him a time slot and he accepted which was the birth of the “Shakeman Show”.  His success has landed him 2 more time slots on Xtreme Metal Radio and which he is presently hosting with the help of a crazy cast of characters.  Jennifer B. Smith: Producer, Barb: Co-Producer, G-Man: On Air Talent, Jim Perry: On Air Talent
With this crew and success on the internet radio circuit his dream has come back to life and he continues to pursue the success of being a full time DJ.

Jennifer B. Smith: was born in Melrose, MA – she has always been creative and quick to delve into computers and projects that pique her interest.  She writes poetry, short stories and loves music.  Her interest in music lead to her seeing Hangman’s Cry and Mane Attraction at a local show with friends.  After that introduction she followed the bands and pursued her passion of photography taking pictures of these bands.  After getting to know the band and being an avid listener of the Shakeman’s various radio shows he asked her to do some bumpers and voice over advertising for his show on
After subbing for Shakeman’s co-host on a few occasion she was invited to join him as a co-host – after agreeing she moved quickly into the position of Producer after Shakeman saw her ability to organize and handle social media.

G-Man: grew up around music – having a piano in his home.  His mother played and his favorite request was always “The Entertainer” from the movie “The Sting”.  He took his first guitar lesson at age 9 during the summer from Robbie Dormer (rhythm guitarist for Egdon Heath).  Unfortunately, being 9 he had the attention span of a squirrel with AD/HD.  He didn’t start playing again he hit his mid-teens.  Growing in the 70’s & 80’s with older siblings he was exposed to various types of music: bluegrass, southern fried rock, psychedelic, heavy metal, and yes even disco.  As he aged his taste broadened to include: classical, blues, & soft jazz.  He has never considered himself a music aficionado just a music lover.  He has been part of charity based MC Groups.  Working with these groups he approached “Old School” about playing a benefit; after his visit to The Shakeman Show to promote the show he was asked to become part of the show for his ability to imitate character voices.  With the support of his beautiful bride Rachel and his children Brittanie and Shane he has been able to spend his Wednesday nights with friends listening to great music and creating hours of entertainment.

Barb: Her love of music led her to meet and get to know Shakeman and after being friends and then some along with her love of music she joined the Shakeman Show.  Her ability to learn and eagerness to help Shakeman succeed has driven her from an intern position to Co-Producer.

Jim Perry
I was born a poor, white child back when kids were beaten to within an inch of their lives for not mowing the grass in a thunderstorm.  When our parents weren’t abusing us, we used to make comedy tapes in my friend’s basement.    I’m pretty sure that, over the years, there’s enough incriminating evidence out there to forever demolish my chance at becoming the Pope, but hey, what are you gonna do…?
I remember meeting the crew of the Shakeman Show during a New Year’s Eve party.   It was my first time in a private setting with the members of Old School, their family and friends and I was a little apprehensive about being in a room with a thousand or so people who didn’t know who the hell I was.    When I got to the top of the stairs, a large biker guy stood in my way… held out his hand and introduced himself.   We talked for hours.
Nice to meet ya G-man!
Eventually, I made my way to the kitchen to find something chemically dangerous to drink.  The woman tending bar was wobbling a little bit and somehow, still mixing nearly non-lethal combinations of liquids.   She eventually made me something that I’m sure caused severe damage to the town’s sewer infrastructure when it eventually bored its way out of me.   We talked about what was available to make with the booze that was left over, what was actually in the drink that Jen had just made (smelled like butterscotch) and somehow lived to fight another day.
G’day Jennifer!
Later, after wondering about for a bit and finding where the beer was hiding, I wandered back up to the kitchen to see if Jen was still conscious and to see if she could confirm that I was still alive, when I saw some guy talking about working out.    Having just destroyed myself, body and soul with alcohol, I thought I’d listen in for as long as I could before I blacked out.  Eventually, he used the phrase, “round and round,” about something and I muttered, “Oh, badass song.”   He spun around smiled and shook my hand, saying, “Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!”
Sup, Shakeman!
A woman in the corner had a look on her face, as if to say, “Who is that weirdo?”   I raised my glass in a toast and promptly fell down the stairs.
Hey, Barb!
Somehow, even after my slovenly behavior, I was invited to guest on the Shakeman Show on (yes, that is a shameless plug).   Eventually, Shakeman and the cast were nice enough to ask me to come in on a regular basis, confirming the fact that Jennifer makes very, very mind damaging drinks.  So, now I have a place to hang out on Wednesday nights, and get to play with Johnny’s cool toys.